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Well for the Student Blogging Challenge 7 we were asked to be CREATIVE! I have visited a few websites and shown my creativity! Here it is!

The first website I visited was called This is sand.  It is a really cool website! You can be really creative there! If you visit the website you need to wait for it to load and click on the grey square in the top left-hand corner! Here is what I created-

Pretty good isn’t it? I suggest you try it! It is really fun!

The next website I tried was called Artpad. I created a picture that is very creative! Do you like it? Well here it is…

The next one I tried was another creative website. It was a writing one called Wacky Web Tales! Here is my story-

The Perfect Day Show

Lady Gaga: Welcome! This is “The Perfect Day Show”! On this show, contestants describe how they would spend their perfect day. Then the audience votes on whose perfect day sounds like the most fun. The contestant with the most votes will win a free trip toAustralia, along with 23 shoes. Okay, let’s get started. Contestant Number One, what is your perfect day?

Contestant Number One: Well, Lady Gaga, first I would watch Smurfs a few times. Then I would make chicken soup for lunch. In the afternoon, my friends and I would go walking.

Lady Gaga: Wow! Contestant Number One, that does sound like fun. Okay, Contestant Number Two?

Contestant Number Two: First I would put on my blue shirt. Then I would gather all my favorite toys . Together, we would take a trip to the candle Adventure Park, where we would go swimming.

Lady Gaga: And there you have it, TV audience. Let’s count the votes. It looks like Contestant Number Two is our winner. Congratulations! Is there anything you would like to say, Contestant Number Two?

Contestant Number Two: My head is spinning! I’ve dreamed of going to Australia for so long!

So that is my creativity! Stay tuned for more!


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