My Dad Is Sailing


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Hi Everyone!

Well right now my dad is sailing. We are part of a syndicate of eight people. We have a catamaran. For the September school holidays it gets taken up to Hamilton Island. But it has to get up and back. So it is split up into 4 Legs up and 4 Legs back. My dad is doing a leg with his mates at the moment! He just sent us this!  Cheek out the big fish he caught! It was 7Kg!!!


How cool is that? My dad also saw some dolphins! Here is a video he took!


My dad is an awesome dad!!! So is all of my family!


Written For The Student Blogging Challenge!








My Family!!!


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Well I am doing this for the Student Blogging Challenge!


My family are really close to me! I have a mum, dad and a sister.

My mum goes to work! She is very smart and I am always proud of what she achieves. She came from a family of 3 brothers and a mother and father. She grew up in Wollongong. She is an accountant and has a very big job. She helps businesses. My mum and I love cooking together. We also love going to the beach and reading. I love when my mum comes and sees me doing things I love. Like watching me swim or watch me perform. I love my mum!!

My sister is 13. Her name is Grace. My sister and I are very close. We sometimes have our ups and downs, but every brother and sister does! We love to bounce on our trampoline and do crazy things! For instance the other day we found a big exercise ball sitting on the side of the road. So we decided to get it. We washed it and we love it. Yesterday we played volleyball with it and we were jumping on it in the pool! We also love to just chill out and watch T.V. together. My sister is really kind and loving!!!

My dad is great! He stays at home to look after Grace and I. He watches over me and my sister and keeps us out of trouble. He is a great dad and he takes me shopping! It is pretty hard for an old man to walk around shopping for clothes but he does! He also makes delicious dinners every night! Dad and I love to joke around and wrestle!! It is really fun!

My Grandparents!

I had 4 grandparents. But now I only have two. My nana and pa live in Wollongong. I love going to visit them and calling them up. Nana always tells me the gossip of Wollongong and my other family. She loves hearing what I have been doing and she is always proud of me. My Pa is very active for an 84 year old man. He swims every morning at the beach pool, even in winter. He also plays bowls and looks after my Nana and my Great Uncle Jack who is very ill at the moment. My grandparents are great and I will never stop loving them!

My Cousins:

I have:

Matt and Lindsay (Lindsay is Matts wife. Earlier this year I travelled to there wedding! It was great fun!) and Toby and Sam.

Tim, Kate, Michael and Kate ( Who is Michael’s wife.) I than have Summer and Nate who is Michael and Kate’s children, and Mitch and Jed who is Kate’s children.

On the other side I have:

Brandon, Nelson, Ashton,

Chloe, Zali,

Johnty, Lindsay, Charlie, Imogeon,

So they are my cousins! I also have 8 Uncles and 7 Aunties! I have a very big family and I love them all!!!

Dawso 🙂

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