The Butterfly Lion


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The Butterfly Lion is a book by Michael Morpugo. It is about a boy that is running away from boarding school and bumps into an old lady. The old lady brings him inside and starts to feed him some scones and tea and also starts telling a story about Bertie.


Bertie lives on a farm in South Africa. He has to live in a Perimeter so he doesn’t get bitten or hurt by Hyenas or lions. But he always loves to go and sit in his tree and spy on the animals visiting the water hole. He is there one day when he spies something quite peculiar. He sees a white lion club with its mother. He sits there for a few days trying to find it again. He can’t and almost gives up hope, when he does! There is the white lion. Bertie sees that the White Lion cub is all by himself, so Bertie goes and adopts him. His father isn’t to happy except his mother is. She loves the White Lion cub and wants to keep him. They keep up there fight and get to keep it!


But one day his dad comes back from work. He has sold the White Lion to a French man in a circus. Bertie swears he will find the lion and get him back.


But, then something made history. World War 2 came and everybody’s life changed, including Bertie’s.


I would highly recommend this book to any Michael Morpurgo fan! I would recommend it for people in 10-12 age range. I would give it about a 8/10. It was a great book!!! 



TAS Fashion Show


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Hey Grace Here (The cooler one of these sisters),

Dawso is doing something called the Student Blogging Challenge and if you hear about it as much as we do at home, your probs a bit over it. So your going to learn a little about me, but not too much because if you knew everything… Like this one time when one of my friends accidently made a flame thrower in the science  lab but that’s another story.

This Friday my friends and I are modeling pj shorts in our school’s TAS Fashion Show, it’s pretty cool. The school hall is turned into a scene from the New York Fashion week with a real catwalk and paperazzi (pretty cool for a school show! ) For four weeks in technology classes we’ve been making our own pj shorts and learning to sew. It’s hard at first but after 10 fresh starts and a lot (I CAUGHT ON MRS THOMAS)  of help from friends we got them done. So on Friday at 7 my friend Lauren and I will be strutting our stuff to Party Rock Anthem and having a pillow fight on the runway.

If your wondering here is a picture of my fabric (If you know me you know why I picked it!)

Well that's it from me, until next time Bloggers


Student Blogging Challenge





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