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Well, one of my favourite sports is Basketball! Basketball is a great sport because you have to think and act quickly. There is lots of running involved so it keeps you fit at the same time. It is a team sport so you need to make sensible decisions, like who to pass to, or weather to dribble it or not. It isn’t an easy game, which is why it is so good. You can improve on it each and every day! As people like to say Practice Makes Perfect (Which reminds me, I should practice my trumpet today!).


I play basketball every Friday afternoon. In term 1,2 and 3, I did I clinic with a coach called Mr Bresnik. He is an awesome coach and he taught us so much! Although this term we have been playing a competition. We have been playing against another school. There are four teams. There are 2 teams from my school and two teams from theres! We get out of school, start training and play a game! It is really fun.

At our first game the score was 40-7, or something like that. We only won one game, which was agains the other team from my school. Our scores started to improve more and more. We didn’t win one game, but we had fun and enjoyed every minuet! Last night showed that we have improved so much! The score was 21-22. Unfortunately we still lost, but as I said before we had fun and enjoyed every minuet!

I am very sad to say that there is no more basketball this year, as our little season is over. It is very sad. 🙁 Next year I want to play again. DEFINITELY! I only started learning about it this year, and it is a sport that will continue on!!!


Nominations For The Edublog Awards!


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Hi Everyone!

Well for the Nominations of the Edublog Awards, I have nominated a few blog’s in categories. I said…

Best Class Blog:

Avery Bunch! It is a great blog and I really enjoy going to it! I like going and reading the interesting posts!

Best Student Blog:

Guess What?! I think that that blog is AMAZING! It is always fresh and up-to-date! Here is a post I wrote about it previously…

Hi everyone!

Well as you know I love to blog! I also love visiting other blogs and reading what they are up to. I always love to visit Angie’s blog! She always has fresh posts! Her blog is always up-to-date! Angie is a great blog writer and writes interesting and intriguing posts. Angie’s blog is a great blog and I highly recommend visiting it! Here is the link! It is a great blog and I always love to visit it! You should too! Leave her a comment and she would love it!


Best Teacher Blog:

Classroom Chronicles. It is about things that we learn about and theroies! Here is a link!


Best Wiki:

Student Made Maths Video. People in my class put up a video all about maths and they are awesome!



That is why I love blogging!


P.S. This is for the Student Blogging Challenge and The Edublog Awards!

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