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Before I begin, I would like to say sorry for not writing for a long time! I am now in year 6 and I have a lot to do! So here it is!

Well, this is all about me! I have done this for the student blogging challenge September 2011, I have also edited it for the Student Blogging Challenge March 2012. Now I have edited it for the Student Blogging Challenge September 2012!


Name- My nickname is Dawso, but my real name is Emily.

I live- I live in New South Wales, (Australia!)

Some things I love to do- I love to swim at the beach in Summer, read, netball, cook and also debate 🙂

Favourite Food- My favourite food is… Chocolate!

Favourite Meal- My favourite meal would be Garlic Bread to start with, Spaghetti Bolognese/Lasagne!  For dessert I would have a raspberry cheesecake and a few pieces of chocolate!!

What I would do to burn it all off- Netball or swimming!

My favourite subject- I enjoy P.E. (Sport) and english!

Favourite Book- Too many to choose from! But if I had to, Wonder by R.A Spratt.

My Personality- Happy (Most of the time) fun, energetic and I enjoy laughing with a few friends!

Favourite Music Genre- Pop, rock or hip-hop.

Inny or Outy- Inny!

Righty or Lefty- Righty!

Enjoy my blog! Leave a comment and tell me a bit about you!

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I like playing basket ball so much like you. I also have lots of friends who play it, and Iwill tell them to chek out your blog.

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Hi Emily/Dawso I’m Isabelle!
I really like your blog. I love Netball aswell and play in a team on Saturdays, I’m in year six, I am left handed and I love One direction! I am also in the student blogging challenge and I am leaving this comment as a challenge!
Here is my blog link:
I hope you can come visit my blog and leave a comment!
Great blog Emily!
From Isabelle.:) 😀

[…] Edublogs), Em created a poll about which images to use, Emily uses interesting information, Ethan gives image attribution on his page,Larnie from […]

Hi my name is Rita
My favourite sport is soccer and volley ball.I love swimming too.My favourite books are the Hunger Games and Goose Bumps and a lot more..My favourite sweet food are s’mores.I’m a out door kind of gal.I love the outdoors.What is it like to live in Australia?I live in Arizona.The only thing you see everyday is desert.

good job i read what kind of musice you like so whats your favourite song?

Hi Kara,
My favourite band is One Direction!!! My favourite song right now is probably Gangum Style :)Thanks for visiting my blog, next time, leave your link so I can visit yours!

You have a nice blog! My students are just getting started with their blogs and today we “peaked in” on your blog! It was pretty exciting to see “Circleville, Ohio” pop up on you visitor map as we were looking at it!

When I read that your favorite (in the states, we spell it without the “u”) food was chocolate, I realized that I HAD to comment on your blog. You see, it is well-known that chocolate is Mrs. Caudill’s favorite! Actually, my absolute favorite is Dove Dark Chocolate! Yum!

I see that you like softball, also. My daughters like softball. My youngest daughter, Molly, is in my class this year. You can check out her blog at http://mollycle6.edublogs.org. Last year, she wrote several posts about the sports she plays. You might enjoy reading her blog.

Could you tell me what “netball” is? It is not a sport we are familiar with in the United States, unless it is something that we have a different name for.

Hello I am one of Mrs. Caudill’s students I thought you had a nice blog so I would say hi.

My blog is http://colinle4.edublogs.org

Dear Emily,

You have a very nice blog! I am just getting started on mine. 🙂 If you wan’t to take a look around my web adress is, http://lexile6.edublogs.org/ If you don’t mind me asking do you have a favorite thing to do? I am also one of Mrs.Caudill’s students!
Keep in touch!
-Lexi Long

Dear Emily,

You have a nice blog. I’m just getting started on mine and it has been really fun blogging. I hope you accept my comment and visit my blog sometime at http://libertyle6.edublogs.org/. also i’m one of Mrs. Caudill’s students

Hey Emily,

I am one of Mrs.Caudill`s students and I really liked your blog because the colors and themes make you want to read more.

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