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Hi Everyone,

Recently I got a comment fro Mrs Caudill’s Classroom! I had written about how my favourite sport was netball. But, there was a problem! Most Americans don’t know what netball is, so I am here to explain. Here is a post written from my friend Angie. You can visit her blog HERE. She clearly explains what netball is. Make sure you comment on her blog!

What is netball?

Netball is a sport kind of like basketball except you are not allowed to: run with the ball, get too close to the opposing player and there is no back board on the goals in which you can shoot easily. Netball is a sport where you use multiple skills to pass down the court and try to get a goal. If you get very close to a person, you are pulled out for obstruction and must stand beside the player. You cannot grab the ball or smack the ball out of the person’s hands like you can do in basketball, and there are different positions in a netball game.

Now here are the rules and positions in a Netball game;

The positions you can play in netball are: GA (goal attack) GD (goal defence) C (centre) WD (wing defence) WA (wing attack) GS (goal shooter) and GK (goal keeper) this is a picture of a netball court with the positions on it.



The number of people allowed on one netball team is 12 or under, but the number of people allowed on a netball court playing a game is 7. My team has 9 people in it, so that means when we play a game, 2 people will have to sit down and watch the game until they get called to swap with someone.

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Thank you for explaining netball! Your post helps me to understand the game better and how it compares to basketball in the US. There do seem to be some similarities, but many differences as well. I’d love to watch a video of someone playing this game!

[…] I recently had the opportunity to do this with a student from Australia. I was reading some blogs in the Student Blogging Challenge, and I came across Dawso’s Blog.  Our original connection was our shared love of chocolate, but I also was a little intrigued about Netball.  I asked Dawso about this popular sport in her country and she was kind enough to write a post explaining it for me.  If you would like to know a little more about this sport, check out her post by clicking here. […]

Hi Dawso,

I’ll start by saying my name is Maggie, and i am a student in Mrs. Caudill’s Classroom. Netball sound like a very interesting game. I would like to play it sometime. I want to know if you have ever heard of volleyball? An actual volleyball kind of looks like a netball but I’m guessing it is a little bigger. Volleyball is my passion! If you don’t know what volleyball is I will be writing about the game soon on my blog. You can come visit my blog at .


You are very much welcome for the comment I left to you on this blog! 🙂 I thank you for commenting on my blog! I thought that you wouldn’t visit my blog! I was apparently wrong. 🙂 Your comment was very nice and I thank you again for leaving that comment on my blog! I wasn’t for sure if volleyball was a common sport in Austalia. I would love to be “blogging buddies”. I will put a post on my blog about volleyball. I would also like it if we kept commenting back to each other!

-“Your blogging buddie” Maggie

Hello Dawso,
My name is Macie and I am in Mrs.Caudill’s classroom. I recently heard about your blog from maggiele3, which is my twin sister. I have heard a lot of interesting things from my classroom and classmates. I want to get to know you better and know more about Australia. I hope to get a comment back zoom!

Hey, sorry I didn’t get to tell you my blog address. It is!

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