Student Blogging Challenge-Week 9


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This week is the second last Student Blogging Challenge. The “theme” for this week is… Using Language.

CHALLENGE ONE:  is to watch the video Dove Evolution and explain what we learnt. Although I was unable to embed this video, so I found one that was similar. Here it is, take a look:

We are learning about something similar to this in PDH this term. What have you learnt from this video? Something that I have definitely learnt is that everyone is pretty in there own way. We are all different and we are all beautiful. There is no definition of beauty because beauty comes from the inside as well. I also learnt that all of that “gorgeous” “hot” “pretty” models are all fake.


Create the following to embed on your blog:

  • comic strip related to internet safety
  • Voki trying to persuade listeners to read a particular book
  • collage about social values such as co-operation, sharing etc






My collage here shows courage, independence, team work, sharing, co-operation, kindness and teamwork.


Hittlers daughter is an amazing book… Like the monster says!







For safety tips visit:




Write a book, film or game review. Remember to rate it out of 10 and mention what age group you would recommend it for.

Recently, I saw the movie She’s The Man, with my best friend Jess. It was perfect for a sleepover. It is hilarious, clever and creative. The movie is about a girl who is passionate about soccer. Although her team at school gets cut, because not enough people sign up. She wants to go on the boys team although they won’t let her. So, she dresses up as a boy and attends her brothers school, whilst he is in London. There parents are divorced so they think that the children are at each others places. She has many problems along the way, including an awkward love triangle. I would recommend this movie for ages 12+. I would have to rate it 9/10 as it is one of my favourites!


Write a recount, explanation, persuasive piece of writing. Find an image relating to it and remember to add correct attribution.  I did this in an assessment task.

tv_remote_000003152986_465x288_110209_t460.jpgImage from: tv_remote_000003152986_465x288_110209_t460.jpg

Television Advertisements Should Be Banned

By Emily

Sitting on the couch, enjoying your favourite television program by yourself, with friends or family and an advertisement comes in, in the most annoying time possible. Today, I will be writing to inform you about why television advertisements should be banned and why they should not. My first point for the affirmative side is that the advertisements cost an enormous amount of money that should be going to more worthwhile causes, such as health, education and transport. My first point for the negative side is that the television advertising industry is a huge industry and banning these advertisements would leave 27,000 people unemployed. My second point for the negative team is that without television advertisements we undoubtedly will get more junk emails/spam, more advertising calls and more junk mail in letterboxes.

Firstly, the amount of money that is wasted on television advertising is astonishing and could be going to a much more worthwhile cause. Did you know that it costs $10,000 to put ten seconds of an advertisement on Channel 7 at prime time? Wasting so much money on an advertisement is ridiculous. This money could be going to a much more worthwhile cause. Recently the Government has made a massive subtraction of money from the educational system. Out of the thirty ads that are played in one television program, this money could go such a long way. This money could lead to one more child getting the education that they need. By banning the advertisements on television you could be giving one more child the education that they need and deserve. Not only is the educational system in need, so is the health system and public transport. Our money could also go to charities such as Red Cross, St Vinnie’s or World Vision. Recently, Prime Minister Gillard made an advertisement for the carbon tax. For this add, fake kitchens were made with the value of $10,000. Those kitchens are now sitting in a warehouse not being used at all. This was revealed on The Project, last night on Channel 10. The amount of money that is being wasted on advertising is utterly ridiculous when there are many other possibilities to get your business on the right track.


My first point for the negative side is that the advertising business is a massive industry. If advertisements on television are band then thousands of people are definitely going to lose their jobs. ABC has revealed that there are roughly 27,000 people working in the television advertising business. At this time in our lives, it is a terrible time to be unemployed. In the past year 5100 jobs have been cut, do we really need anymore? By watching that television advertisement for thirty seconds you are feeding someone’s family. Those adds have gone a long way, casting, lighting, artists, safety monitors, assistants producing and building, there are so many more! All of these businesses would be getting unemployed if those jobs were cut. Surely we can watch some advertisements and not be so selfish.


Furthermore, without television advertisements we will get more spam/junk email, calls and junk mail. Watching a thirty second add surely isn’t as bad as being interrupted in the middle of dinner to be offered a free “Foxtel Installation”. It isn’t as bad as getting a virus from opening an advertising email on your computer. It isn’t as bad as getting junk mail in your letterbox. ABC has proven that $1 billion of junk mail is thrown out every year. A short add interrupting your television program is undoubtedly better than being interrupted when you’re busy or enjoying a special moment. It is unquestionably better than ruining your computer from a virus sent from one laptop to the other. And it indisputably is better than wasting $1 billion dollars of paper, trees and oxygen.

In conclusion, I think that television advertisements should not be banned. Because it is a huge industry and without those thirty second advertisements on television, 27000 people wouldn’t have a job and also we would get more advertising from other forms such as junk mail, spam emails and calls.



Create an A-Z dictionary relating to English – this could be done as a class using voicethread with a different group of letters on each slide. It could be added to throughout the year as students learn more vocabulary relating to English.

A: Abreviation

B: Brainstorm

C: Conjunction

D: Define

E: Essay

F: Full Stop

G: Grammer


I: Idiom


K: Keywords

L: Literacy

M: Metaphor

N: Noun

O: Object

P: Paragraph

Q: Question

R: Rhyme

S: Synonym

T: Text

U: Underline

V: Verb

W: Work

Y: ??? Can you find one?

Z: Zoom

Find a very interesting image. Add it to your post then write a description or a set of questions about it.











1: What is this creature?

2: What is it feeling?

3: Where is this?

4: Is it lonely?

5. What is it’s purpose.

6: Why is it there?


Write some poetry on your blog.

Last week one of our spelling words was, Clerihew. I did some research and found out that it was a 4 lined poem often about a person, usually humorous. So I did some for people in my class.

Clerihew Of Jess (A shared blog with myself)

I have a good friend called Jess

She causes me a lot of stress,

She loves One Direction,

Although she is very far from perfection!


Clerihew of Lucy

I have a good friend called Lucy,

She is a funny goosie,

She is good at netball,

But she doesn’t like to fall

Clerihew Of Angie 

Angie is my friend,

She starts many trends,

She is good at sport,

But has a big wart

Clerihew of Tess

I have a good friend called Tess,

She doesn’t like a mess!

She is very quiet,

I quite like it J


Clerihew of Mrs Miller

I have a good teacher called Mrs Miller,

She certainly isn’t a killer,

She loves to blog,

Montie is her dog




Create a five card story. 

Five Card Story: 24 Hours

a Five Card Flickr story created by Dawso

flickr photo by bionicteaching

flickr photo by Serenae

flickr photo by Serenae

flickr photo by Serenae

flickr photo by keepps

I was told that I had 24 hours to live. I called my granddaughters and went to Greece. We went for walks along the beach, watching the pretty sunset. We jumped and celebrated our love. We walked along the pavillion looking at the incredible houses. We had my favourite meal as a famiy. We watched the sun and shared stories, laughter, tears and joy. I left knowing that I was a proud, proud lady.


Thats it for tonight!

See you soon 🙂


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