100 Word Challenge


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Hi Everyone,

The topic for the 1oo Word Challenge this week is, The temperature dropped suddenly… Here is mine…

The temperature dropped suddenly whilst we were having dinner together for the last time. We all felt the huge thud, which shot through the ground. We all heard the high-pitched screeching of an unknown creator. We all saw the ship land in our back yard carrying millions of what appeared to be… aliens. We all saw the ramp coming down to reveal the bunch of aliens, with there three fingers and one eye, not to mention the glow of the lime green coming from there skin. They looked angry. Suddenly we knew that the end had come and we were all to be sorry.




In the year 2050 we live on the planet Zork. Our planet is constantly moving closer and further away from the sun. The temperature dropped suddenly in our home, so I spoke to the electronic heater and told it to turn on. I teleported myself into my best friends house to have a movie day, with snuggly blankets and chocolate.  It started getting warmer, so I walked down to the goop (people from the 2000’s call a pool) I took a step in, my skin suddenly felt smooth, my favorite music started playing and the disco lights went crazy! 2050 is the best, heaps better than 2012.

Which one do you like better?


The 100 Word Challenge…


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Well, my class and I have joined up to do the 100 Word Challenge. Each week we visit the blog and get a prompt. Last week I was to slow to enter it, although this week I’m not! The prompt for this week was.. we were just sitting down for dinner when…

So here is my 100 words exactly.

We were just sitting down for dinner when suddenly someone pounded on the front door. ‘I’ll get it,’ Dad sighed sounding very frustrated. The old, wooden door creaked open, slowly yet fierily. I heard a voice, which I recognized straight away, an angry voice. The beast started stomping down my hallway. It was Mrs. Wimple, the Head Mistress of my school. Her expression looked as if she was sucking on something, as sour as a lemon. Her eyes were narrow, she opened her mouth to speak, when her little black moustache started to twitch. ‘Thomas Peterson, you have been EXPELLED!’ 

Do you have a different one?


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